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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Proposed Cuts in Pre-Tax Benefits for Mass Transit wrong direction

Smart Card Alliance: "“Developing a legislative plan to review and streamline our current tax code is laudable and to be encouraged. But to reduce the Transit Benefit program will disincentivize the millions of citizens and employees who use public transportation as a means of commuting to and from their place of business,” said Steve Shewmaker, president of Cubic Transportation Systems. “This works against our national interest to be energy independent, promote economic growth, reward wage earners and be pro-environment. Moreover, at a time when gasoline prices are at a record high and the U.S. trade balance so negatively impacted by oil imports, the last thing policy makers should be considering is legislation that discourages the use of public transit. The government should be encouraging our citizens to take advantage of public transportation when and where it is accessible.”"

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