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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yuma, AZ. No bus fares for hospital employees, volunteers, some patients

On the go, bus, andoh, ycat - News - YumaSun: "YRMC will contribute funding so that its employees and volunteers can ride YCAT free and unrestricted. An YCAT sticker would be attached to the employee or volunteer ID card and would change color each six-month period.

As part of the agreement, YCIPTA will provide 500 YCAT DayPasses for distribution to patients who require transportation from YRMC facilities.

This program will be available to YRMC employees and volunteers effective March 1. The total revenue generated annually would be $30,000, if YRMC extends the agreement beyond Sept. 30.

A new program that premiered last month received high praise by riders. YCIPTA expected three bus loads of passengers for the YCAT Holiday GOAround tours Dec. 21-23, but ended up with nine bus loads that Friday, 11 on Saturday and another nine on Sunday."

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