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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buses are booming in Hawaii

MAUI TO RECEIVE $800,000 TO BUILD AND REFURBISH BUS SHELTERS | Press Releases | United States Senator Daniel K. Inouye: "“Maui’s bus system is one of the fastest growing public transit systems in the nation and I would like to thank the administration for investing in its’ upkeep and accessibility. These funds will also add sustainable sources of energy to bus shelters while promoting recycling, bicycle use and increased access for those living with disabilities,” said Senator Inouye.

“This important investment will help improve public transportation access for many more people on Maui. I’m especially pleased to see the focus on sustainability, as this proves once again Hawaii can build energy independence and protect our natural beauty while improving our critical transportation needs,” said Congresswoman Hirono, a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee."

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