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Friday, April 18, 2014

$433,000 for one crosswalk. This is a car cost, not a pedestrian cost.

Major upgrade for Hillcrest crosswalk | San Diego Reader: "The contractor for the project — “Park Boulevard and Cypress Avenue pop-outs and lighted crosswalk” — is Atlas Development of Solana Beach. Their winning bid was $230,869. Completion is slated for July, with a total project cost of $433,000, according to the city's capital-improvements program web page."
Much of what people call pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure is actually necessary only because of the dominance of the private auto. Why do the autos own the streets, and everyone else forced to work around that? Most of the money spent on pedestrian overpasses and bike lanes could be saved if we could reduce or eliminate cars from cities. Your town would be better off investing in free buses instead of bike/walk infrastructure.

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